Electric Universe A Legendary Psytrance Artist

Electric Universe A Legendary Psytrance Artist
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Electric Universe is a German psytrance (psychedelic trance) music producer and DJ, also known as Boris Blenn. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany and has been active in the psytrance scene since the 1990s. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the genre and has released numerous albums and tracks on various labels, including his own label, Spirit Zone Recordings.

Electric Universe is known for his distinctive style, which combines driving beats with atmospheric soundscapes and psychedelic effects. He has performed at many major music festivals around the world and has a large following of fans.

Electric Universe Discography

  • One Love (Spirit Zone Records 1995)
  • Stardiver(Spirit Zone Records 1997)
  • Waves (Spirit Zone Records 1998)
  • Blue Planet (Spirit Zone Records 1999)
  • Blue Planet (Avatar Records 1999)
  • Divine Design (Spirit Zone Records 2000)
  • Unify (Spirit Zone Records 2002)
  • Cosmic Experience (Spirit Zone Records 2004)
  • Silence In Action (Planet B.E.N. Records 2006)
  • Space Phenomenon (Space Tribe vs Electric Universe) (Space Tribe Music 2006)
  • Sensory Overload (Space Tribe vs Electric Universe) (Space Tribe Music 2007)
  • Burning (feat. Chico) (Electric Universe Records 2008)
  • Sonic Ecstasy (Electric Universe Records 2008)
  • Higher Modes (Electric Universe Records 2011)
  • Journeys Into Outer Space (Dacru Records 2014)
  • Nebula (Dacru Records 2015)
  • Sacred Geometry (Sacred Technology 2022)

Side Projects And Collaborations

Yes, that’s correct. In addition to his work as Electric Universe, Boris Blenn has been involved in several other musical projects that showcase his versatility and range as an artist.

The projects you mentioned, such as Jupiter 8000, Galaxy, Gabon3, and his collaborations with other artists such as DJ Sangeet, S.U.N. Project, GMS, and Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe), demonstrate Blenn’s ability to explore different styles and sounds within the broader context of electronic dance music.

These projects allow him to experiment with new sounds and techniques and further develop his skills as a producer and musician.

Shows And Gigs On Psytrance Events Over The Years

Electric Universe (Boris Blenn) has performed at many prestigious music events and festivals throughout his career. Some of the notable gigs and shows he has played at include:

  1. Voov Experience
  2. Solstice
  3. Antaris Project
  4. Universo Paralello
  5. Boom Festival
  6. Ozora Festival
  7. Glade Festival
  8. Eclipse Festival
  9. Full Moon Festival

These events, which are some of the largest and most well-known in the psytrance scene, have provided Blenn with a platform to showcase his music to a global audience and to connect with fans of the genre. His powerful and energetic live performances have made him one of the most sought-after artists in the scene, and have helped to establish his reputation as a leading figure in the genre.

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Similar Psytrance Artists To Electric Universe

If you are a fan of Electric Universe’s music, you may also enjoy listening to artists who share similar styles, influences, and sounds. Here is a list of some artists who are often considered to be similar to Electric Universe (Boris Blenn):

  1. Infected Mushroom
  2. Astrix
  3. X-Dream
  4. Pixel
  5. GMS
  6. Shiva Shidapu
  7. Total Eclipse
  8. 1200 Micrograms
  9. Ranji
  10. E-Clip
  11. Atmos
  12. Neodyne
  13. Zentura
  14. Lifeforms
  15. Ghost Rider
  16. Ticon
  17. Earthling
  18. Talamasca
  19. D-Nox & Beckers

These artists, like Electric Universe, are known for producing energetic, high-energy psytrance music that incorporates a wide range of musical styles and influences, from techno and trance to ambient and world music.

Whether you are a fan of classic old-school psytrance, or enjoy more contemporary, cutting-edge sounds, you are likely to find something that appeals to you in the music produced by these artists.

Latest Release By Electric Universe

As of today, the latest recorded and released work by Electric Universe is the album “Sacred Geometry”. Released on December 2, 2022 by the label Sacred Technology.

This album contains many collaborations with leaders of the psytrance scene such as Raja Ram, Ace Ventura, Faders and more. This album contain 13 tracks
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