DJ Bud – Spring Mix-Podcast 04/17/2021

KABB Label was originally co-founded by producers and DJ kabb is an electronic music label to promotion the DJs and aims to develop a wider range of Electronic music in Mongolia.

1.Vertex - Tree Of Life
2.Rising Dust - Hashualim
3.Skizologic - Modular Sense Feat. Gorovich
4.Rising Dust - Non Stop Techno
5.Klipsun & Evil Oil Man - Cells (Klipsun Extended Mix)
6.Rising Dust & Shayman - Acid
7.Protonica - Symmetry
8.Perfect Stranger & Dickster - Devil De Lux
9.Ritmo & Nok - New World Order (Rising Dust Remix)
10.LOUD - Peace Pipe (Dekel Remix)
11.Subway Shamans - Lucy (Rising Dust Remix)

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