naizon psystation

Naizon Air 029 With Kricked

Kriked tracklist episode 029

  1. Andre Salmon, Kricked - We Are All Jamie Jones [Slightly Sizzled Records]
  2. Willy B. - Slow Motion [Slightly Sizzled Records]
  3. Papa Marlin, Kricked - Pinkie [Slightly Sizzled Records]  
  4. Andre Salmon, Kricked - You, Me and the Galaxy [Slightly Sizzled Records]
  5. Bad Boombox - Freakin' Out [Slightly Sizzled Records]
  6. Andre Salmon, Kricked - Everything I Love [Slightly Sizzled Records]  

Naizon played:

  1. Casmalia - Worth It (Extended Mix) [Space Yacht]
  2. MR. STILO - The Devil (Extended Mix) [Space Yacht]
  3. Naizon - Stay Up
  4. Tony H - Loud Music (Extended Mix) [Space Yacht]
  5. Ranger Trucco - Sunday Best (Extended Mix) [Space Yacht]
  6. Low Sam - No Body (Original Mix)
  7. Adibu - About Me (Original Mix)
  8. Redfield - Don't Stop (Extended Mix)
  9. Future Class, Rivas (BR) - Mario High (Extended Mix)

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