OIXNA – Glitters Must Die

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Lucie alias Oixna is a 24-yo French producer and DJ inspired by metaphysical and psychological thoughts.. She's inspired by the torments of the human soul, such as the desire of revenge, diseases, vices and the descent into the abyss of madness.

This Album is an emotional journey through abstract elements, re-sampling or assembling electronic music styles such as darkpsy-hitech, experimental, breakcore, industrial techno and sometimes drum'n'bass and psychedelic dubstep.

Site Tight & Get Ready for the Experiment !


released February 14, 2021

Disc Info:
Written & Produced by Lucie Boulouys (France)
Mastering by: Oixna (France)
Artwork: Xiro & Sempiternal Esoterica
Label: Voodoo Hoodoo Records

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